We specialize in building ecommerce websites.Website solutions for every budget.

From startup to success: we guide you every step of the way with optimal ecommerce solution for your budget and product.

Our clients

Choose the type of website most fit for you:

HTML Landing page

Quick and cost-effective to create. Ideal for one product or service that doesn't require information updates.

Super fast to load
No admin panel = no hacking or viruses
No need to update


To change information on your own, you need to know HTML, CSS, and FTP.
Updating by us incurs additional small charges.

Business card website

If you have a service business - advocates, cleaning, restaurant, psychology, news, corporate and so on - this is a perfect fit for you.

Easy to change or add information
Infinite pages/news/products/buttons
Can be upgraded with more functions
Free video lessons “How to use” from us


No shopping cart for multiple items
No filter or search engine for products
No card/PayPal/online payments in standard build

Online shop / Real estates / Hotels / Dating websites / Traveling

Most advanced systems for most advanced functions and UX (User Experience).

Best quality
Best functions
Best security


Websites of that caliber need security updates and periodical health check

Find the right e-commerce solution for your product or service:

HTML Landing page:

Perfect solution for when you only have one product or service. A single page with all the essential information - including a slider, information about the product, reviews, and a contact form.

260 USD / 4 days to set up

Business website:

A website with an admin panel that offers the ability to update information and add new pages/news easily, while still retaining a front page landing page, but this time you can edit it as well.

440 USD / 7 days to set up

E-learning platform:

A business card website with the added features of an automated system for email courses, a sales funnel, and client registration for accessing hidden information or quizzes.

800 USD / 12 days to set up

Online shop:

Online shop or real estate website suitable for multiple products, with a product filter/search engine. Costs range from $1160 to $1880 depending on the design and additional features.

1340 USD / 15 days to set up

Maximize your social media presence

After the website - most important part is to be able to create trust from your potential clients. For that - reviews and social media are the key.
And from content creation and video editing to ad campaigns, we've got you covered.
Example - tiktok 10 500+ followers


Launched Websites


Great designs


Videos created


Happy customers

Bonuses you get from working with us:

Video lessons

We will record for you personal video lessons about how to work with your website and change any information inside.

Two designs in one package

All our websites have mobile and light design for phones and wide for computers. Mobile is a must!


All our websites have top-notch security to keep you safe from auto-viruses that are trying to hack all websites from google.

Best price/value

Because we want to have long term partnership with you and recommendations - we give best value possible for your money.

Free pop up message or chat

To see example click


Free hosting for 6 months

And after that you get the best price for hosting if you stay with us.

Free business card design

You will be able to choose from 1000+ designs or we can make a baner.

Archive copy of your website

When all is ready you will also receive a copy of your website. Just in case.

Our team

Highly professionals with 10+ years of experience.

Want to discuss more or start working on your project right away? Contact us now!




phone 3+359 896 52 88 46

Thank you for your message. We will get back to you shortly.

Hi, my name is Sergey Grееnglaz, I am the creator of this website and the person with whom you will probably (I really hope so) want to work for a long and fruitful time.

My strategy is to be as transparent as possible and give a fair price for my services.  So that you see me not as a soulless performer who wants to get as much money as possible, but as a full-fledged partner in terms of everything related to the internet and business development.

I am recommended because I calmly and thoughtfully create sites in order to really bring results. But this does not mean that I work slowly, not at all.  For example, from my side, a business card site will be ready in 4-7 days. If you’ve come across web studios that could not finish your site in 6 months, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised to work with me.


We all have our own personal people.

Our auto mechanic.
Our dentist.
Our hairdresser.
Our plumber.
Our accountant…

We try to surround ourselves with people who are competent in their field and whom we trust.
If anything happens, we call our friends – “Hey, do you have a friend who do this?”

Let us be your team in the field of creating websites, designing advertisement and print designs, and increasing sales and trust for your company with social media videos and articles.

I think you need a website that is created with an understanding of your competitors, target audience, and the product or service itself.

But such an understanding is not given to everyone.

I myself held 3 seminars in Bulgarian universities on psychology, studied 4 years of marketing and sales, and have the psychology channel with 10 700+ followers in tiktok.
Documents from universities about that:

If we can’t give the right information and evoke the right emotions in our visitors, then the site will simply not bring any results.

The main criteria by which I work are – thoughtful marketing, psychology, and lots of experience. This approach allows me to make sites that really bring money. Bring customers. Create an image.

The price is not my competitive advantage. My work cost is fairly low and transparent (you can see all the prices on this page), but it is not the lowest.
I do not chase the maximum amount of clients giving the lowest price possible. I value my work and expect the same from the people who want to work with me. Would you yourself want to give 100% of your skill and effort, if you considered yourself being paid disproportionately low?

I communicate in easy-to-understand language and do not create a deceitful aura of “professionalism” based on terminology that you don’t know, but it sounds very important.
I’ve had cases where a client showed a “What we’ll do for you” list from another web studio and asked if I could do the same. From that list, 3 of the things were important, 5 were synonymous with each other, and the rest were nonsense.
I know all these terms, but I decided to speak in a very clear way with you, which is why the mysterious magic of “technical terms” does not appear here. Let’s leave the show-offs and lies to others.

When turning to me, you get rid of the headaches that are constantly reworking your site, finding new programmers, designers, marketers, and video editors, talking to all kinds of people, choosing which one to give the task to and controlling it, spending your time and nerves looking for extra people…

Whatever you need: a website, a logo, creating a magazine or business cards, a corporate identity, branding, video processing … any and all services that are described on my main page – just message me. I’ll be glad to help. 🙂

Thank you for being here and reading to the end.

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